How Does This Work?

Here is an easy way to earn money for your school/college, church, team/group, hospital, or nonprofit organization!

All nonprofit communities share the responsibility of raising money for their organization. Most of the time, fundraisers are time-consuming, laborious, and difficult to manage. Our program, on the other hand, is simple. There is no need to worry about educating your group, gathering volunteers, setting up or down, AND there are no products to deliver or return!

Billions of cards are mailed in the US each year and customizing them online is familiar to most (examples: holiday cards, thank you or birthdays, graduation announcements, etc). By registering below and using any of our pre-designed advertisements, you can post on social media, send e-blasts, or print flyers with ease. Direct your families & supporters to our website and you will earn 10% back on every order. Earning Power = Advertising!  In addition,  the name of your organization will be printed on the back of each card! Collect passive income all year long without a headache!

*Copy/paste this paragraph to INTRODUCE Cards that Give Back for approval as a fundraiser.


Nonprofit Registration



Step 1:  REGISTER your nonprofit organization with one simple form (click the green box).

Once we verify the 501C3 status, your account will activate and sales may begin! During checkout,  customers can select your organization's name  (from the drop-down menu) and their donation will print on the back of every card. At the beginning of each fiscal quarter, we will mail you an itemized sales receipt along with your donation check.

Step 2:  ANNOUNCE this fundraiser to your supporters. Copy/Paste the following paragraph to share.

(We are happy to announce CTGB ( as our annual fundraiser. They offer personalized cards for all occasions! From beautiful designs to high-end card stock, you will be proud to send these cards to loved ones this holiday season and beyond. During checkout, select [NAME OF YOUR ORGANIZATION] from the drop-down menu and we will receive 10% proceeds from your order. PLUS, this donation will be printed on the back of your cards making each one simply unique from pictures to contribution!)

Step 3:  DOWNLOAD any advertisements needed in order to communicate with your families & supporters.

Name recognition is the key! By promoting consistently, you will earn the most money. All the design work is done! Simply click a link below that pertains to the current season. Within each folder, there are several ways to reach your audience (post on social media, print and pass out flyers, publish in your monthly newsletter, send email blasts, etc.). Choose a design you would like to advertise with - there is no particular order. Last tip: be mindful of your time frame and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

-              *For the HOLIDAY season, start your campaign on November 1st.

-               *For the GRADUATION season, start your campaign on March 1st.

-              *As an ONGOING fundraiser, spot-advertise throughout the year.

HOLIDAY (end-of-year holiday advertisements)







(Updated designs will be linked as their season approaches)


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