How Does This Work?

Here is a simple and virtual way to earn money for your school, church, team/group, or nonprofit organization!

All nonprofit communities share the responsibility of raising money for their organization. Most of the time, fundraisers are time consuming, laborious, and difficult to both administer and supervise. We, on the other hand, offer an uncomplicated process. No need to worry about learning a system, teaching your group to sell, setting-up or taking-down, incentives to push, products to pass out, or returns. Earn money without stress or complication!

Billions of cards are mailed in the US each year, so customizing and ordering them online is familiar to most (examples: holiday cards, thank yous, graduation announcements, etc). By registering below and using our pre-designed advertisements to post onto your social media, send e-blasts, or print flyers, you can direct them to our website and earn 10% back on every order. The more you advertise, the more money you'll make!  PLUS,  the name of your organization will be printed on the back of each card! This is an easy way for your families to show support. It's a triple-win; zero financial risk, simple implementation, and free name recognition for your nonprofit.

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Nonprofit Registration



Step 1: Register your nonprofit with one simple form and you will receive a confirmation email. Once we activate your account, a customer can select your organization's name from the drop-down menu during checkout and it will be printed on the back of their cards.

Step 2: Click and download your preferred advertisement (below). There are multiple layouts to choose from to reach your target audience. Name recognition statistically takes three visual attempts before each season (i.e. holiday time or graduation). Sprinkle more advertisements throughout the year to turn this into a full time fundraiser. Success comes with continuous solicitation... Out-of-sight, out-of-mind!

Step 3: PROMOTE to earn passive income you can earn all year long. Donation payments to your organization will be mailed the first week of every fiscal quarter.

*Updated designs will be linked as their season approaches.

HOLIDAYS (end-of-year holiday advertisements)







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